About Our Supporters

As a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charity, KinderSmile Foundation is made possible by generous grantors, corporate sponsors and philanthropic donors. We are a non-governmental organization, so it's up to our staff and trustees to raise the funds needed to sustain KinderSmile Foundation programs.

Without the continued support of fellow oral health care advocates, KinderSmile Foundation and KinderSmile Community Oral Health Center would cease to exist, and there would be thousands of children who would lose access to dental services.

Because of generous supporters like you, Dr. Nicole's dream of building a nonprofit dental home in Bloomfield became a reality! We opened the doors of KinderSmile Community Oral Health Center on August 29, 2016, but we need your help to keep those doors open and to continue the other KinderSmile Foundation programs.

Click here to read about the historic opening of our dental home.

Please consider donating today to support this crucial community resource.

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Donation checks can be made payable to:
KinderSmile Foundation

Mail to:
10 Broad Street
Bloomfield, NJ 07003

To discuss other charitable giving opportunities, please contact Nicole Panzica at 973-744-7003 Ext. 209 or ksf@kindersmile.org.