KinderSmile Pre/Postnatal Program (KSPPP)

Pre/Postnatal Oral Health Program services provided to pregnant women and new mothers includes oral / dental examination, oral health education including impact of maternal health on the developing fetus; caries disease transmission from the care givers to infants and toddlers; effects of early childhood caries; inappropriate use of baby bottle and sippy cup; age/ developmentally appropriate daily oral care for infants and toddlers; initial dental visit by age one; benefits of fluoride varnish and fluoride supplements for children living in non-fluoridated area and importance of good nutrition.

Pregnant women, new mothers and care givers are provided with available community resources to access recommended dental care in a timely manner. KSF staff provides the outreach to connect all participants with link to dental home and track their progress and completion of recommended follow up care. All are provided with free tooth brush, fluoride toothpaste, dental floss and appropriate education material on oral health.

Children served by KSF as infants and toddlers during the past three years and currently enrolled in Early Childhood Programs such as Head Start for 3 – 5 year olds are less likely to suffer from extensive early childhood caries. Early intervention, prevention, tracking by KSF has made a significant difference in the lives of children with limited or no access to dental care. Inclusion of children, parents, care givers and community partners in all our programs is a step in the right direction to reach our goal “No child is left behind with tooth decay”. KSF has been very involved with Give Kids a Smile Dental health Fair for three years in a row. KinderSmile Foundation is now partnering with United Way – WIC, Planned Parenthood, Women’s Choice, and homeless shelters. We need additional funding to extend our program.

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